Traffic Engineering

Over the past three years, our experienced Traffic Engineers have successfully performed the following tasks leading to the successful completion of projects for public, private, municipal, County, and State clients:

  • The design of geometric improvements and/or traffic signal modernization at 13 signalized intersections.
  • The design of new traffic signal installations at 7 intersections.
  • The design of flashing sign installations at 3 locations.
  • The construction management of traffic signal installations at 5 intersections.
  • The design of a modern roundabout within an existing circle.
  • The conceptual design of a new parent drop-off circulation system for an Elementary School.
  • The completion of 18 traffic impact studies and parking studies for new developments.
  • The completion of 3 New Jersey Department of Transportation Access Permits.
  • The review of over 30 traffic impact studies for municipal land use boards.
  • The preparation of a townwide traffic simulation model for a municipality.
  • Over 15 traffic data collection efforts and investigations for municipalities.
  • Several traffic signal retiming projects and safety investigations for municipalities.
  • The preparation of several traffic ordinances and county standards for municipalities and counties.
  • The preparation of a needs assessment study for a new freeway interchange.
  • The preparation of the transportation element for one municipal master plan update.
  • The preparation of a conceptual pedestrian-friendly streetscape project for a downtown area.