Traffic Engineering/Studies

Keller & Kirkpatrick provides our corporate clients with a high level of traffic engineering expertise. Regardless of your circumstances and needs, Keller & Kirkpatrick can help you attain your goals and objectives in a cost effective and efficient manner. Below is an overview of our capabilities in various areas:


Keller & Kirkpatrick understands that traffic access to a site is of considerable concern to both applicants and government agencies with approval responsibility. We also appreciate that the interests of each are often not aligned. By representing both the public and private sector within the approval process, Keller & Kirkpatrick has an excellent grasp of concerns and issues relating to access and traffic impacts, as well as an excellent grasp of methods for mitigation said impacts.

Over the past year, Keller & Kirkpatrick has been involved in over 30 projects of the following types:

  • Preparation of Traffic Impact Studies for Municipal and County Planning Boards.
  • Review of Traffic Impact Studies on behalf of Municipal Planning Boards.
  • Preparation of Access Permit Applications for the New Jersey Department of Transportation

Traffic Analysis and Studies

Keller & Kirkpatrick has a diverse range of traffic analysis capabilities that can be applied to a given assignment. These skills have allowed Keller & Kirkpatrick to successfully complete several difficult and complex projects in a cost effective manner. A notable recent project was an interchange justifi-cation study in Florham Park, NJ, which included the development of a traffic simulation model containing over 20 intersections.

Our capabilities and experience include the following:

  • Planning Board/Board of Adjustment Testimony
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • NJDOT Access Permit Applications
  • Traffic Simulation and Modeling
  • Traffic Count Studies / Travel Surveys
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Parking Studies
  • Access and Site Circulation Design