Traffic Signal/Intersection Design

Within most communities, intersections, both signalized and stop controlled, comprise the largest source of delay and traffic accidents. At Keller & Kirkpatrick, we recognize that improving intersections is often the most effective way of mitigating traffic problems. Below is an overview of our capabilities in various areas:

Traffic Signal Design

Keller & Kirkpatrick is highly skilled in the design of geometric modifications to intersections, as well as the design of traffic signal infrastructure and electrical plans. Keller & Kirkpatrick is also well experienced in warrant analyses and obtaining traffic signal approvals. During a typical year, Keller & Kirkpatrick designs traffic signals and geometric improvements for 10-15 intersections. Over the past year, Keller & Kirkpatrick has completed or is in the process of completing the following intersection improvements:

  • Nine traffic signals for Union County (two contracts)
  • Two traffic signals for Somerset County
  • One traffic signal for Warren County
  • Geometric improvements and upgrades for two signals for Morris County
  • Geometric improvements and upgrades to one signal for Florham Park, NJ
  • Geometric improvements for one signal for Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
  • One traffic signal for Morristown, NJ
  • Three traffic signals for private developers
  • Other Intersection Design

In addition to signalized intersections, Keller & Kirkpatrick is also experienced in designing and conducting warrant analyses for unsignalized intersections. Notable examples include:

  • The design of an all-way stop intersection in Montgomery Township
  • The design of a modern roundabout at the Allwood Circle

Managing Traffic Signal Systems

Due to changes in traffic patterns, traffic signal designs are more susceptible to becoming obsolete than other types of transportation infrastructure. However, traffic operations and safety can often be improved through traffic signal timing plan changes, equipment upgrades, or other low cost improve-ments. Keller & Kirkpatrick personnel are highly capable in the optimization of traffic signal timing plans, and the identification of traffic signal improvement needs. To aid in these efforts, Keller & Kirkpatrick uses advanced tools such as traffic simulation/coordination software. As well, Keller & Kirkpatrick staff keep up to date on the latest traffic signal technology, such as advances in traffic signal controller technology, video detection, battery back-up systems, and pedestrian count-down indications.