Tax Mapping and Parcel Based Municipal GIS Services

A Parcel Based Geographic Information System satisfies the need to electronically store existing data and manage new data for the benefit of municipal and public operations. It also serves as a tool for disaster planning and data recovery. “Parcel Based” relates to the electronic input and storage of deeds, subdivisions, file maps, surveys, etc. to form an overall mosaic on a lot-by-lot and street-by-street basis within a municipality.

Keller & Kirkpatrick has performed numerous Tax Mapping and GIS projects starting with an accurate aerial base map. Various physical features such as curbing, edge of pavement, buildings, pools, tree lines, streams, etc. were collected as part of the aerial mapping process. Each deed, subdivision, file map, and survey was reviewed and entered on a lot-by-lot basis and compared to the aerial planimetric mapping and in some contracts othrophotography. The lot and block information was reviewed and corrected for scale, distortions, and errors, and the overall Municipal Boundary was researched to ensure that all blocks properly fit within the Municipal Limits. Other lot information was added as necessary depending upon the initial purpose of the project.

Upon approval by the New Jersey State Board of Taxation, many Tax Maps prepared by Keller & Kirkpatrick were expanded into GIS projects. A graphic link from the Tax Maps to the Mod IV databases commonly used by Municipal Assessors allowed for various queries to be made such as owners within 200 feet of a property. Future phases of a Parcel Based GIS can include graphic user interfaces to other municipal departments, such as construction, public works, recreation, fire, and police. Various data such as permits, reports, plans, pictures and videos can then be linked to each lot or feature for each department’s use.

By using a Parcel Based GIS tool, one can quickly and efficiently assemble, report and plot data which would have taken research in many locations and elaborate drafting to provide. This base provides the foundation for the construction of additional assessment management tools for general service, emergencies and disaster recovery.

Cadd Tax Mapping and Parcel Based Municipal GIS – data management for today, disaster planning for tomorrow.

Recent Tax Mapping Experience

  • Township of Maplewood
  • Township of Montclair
  • Town of Morristown
  • Township Of Princeton
  • City of Belleville
  • Township of Andover
  • City of Belleville
  • Town of Boonton
  • Township of Berkeley Heights

Recent GIS Experience

  • Borough of Florham Park
  • Township of Roxbury